• a. While every care will be taken to accidents, the Management will not be liable for injuries and accidents sustained by the pupils in the course of everyday activities.
  • b. The school cannot be held responsible for the security of the pupils before and after the school hours and it will not be responsible for the safety of the children who stay back to participate in sports and games on their own.
  • c. The school is not responsible for the goods lost. Therefore, it is not advisable to bring valuable articles like expensive pens, watches, gold ornaments etc to school.
  • d. If a teacher, by speech or otherwise, seeks to mislead his/her students to activities deemed objectionable he / she is liable to be punished for misconduct.
  • e. The Character Certificate which may be issued to a student when leaving the school will depend entirely on his/ her behaviour during the school career on the observance of the rules & regulations of the school.

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